All ball screw repairs are backed by our 36 month warranty!
Normal delivery time is 3 to 5 days!
Emergency delivery is 24 hours or less!
Free Pickup & Delivery within 500 miles of DC / Baltimore
No other company can offer the warranty & quality repair that we can. Check out our competition's warranty, it's not even close. We guarantee all of our ball screw repairs will perform like new for 36 months from the install date. We also guarantee our delivery times. If we don't deliver your repair project within the time specified, your project is returned free of charge!

large ball screw repair

Emergency ball screw repair in 12 to 24 hours.
We can repair your ball screw faster then you can order a new one!
When our competition quotes you days or weeks, we quote hours!
Show us any quote from any competitor and we'll beat their price & delivery time!

Don't let downtime cost you more then the repair!
When your machine is down, you're loosing hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars per hour in downtime. Most ball screw repair projects can be done in 24 hours or less. We can repair your ball screw faster then you can order a new one! All rebuilds are backed by an industry leading 36 month warranty.

ball screw rebuild

Emergency on site ball screw repair! Minimal downtime!
Run the nut off the screw? Crashed? Noisy at high speeds or just not holding tolerance? You can be up & running in just a few hours. We work on your schedule to get you back into production as soon as possible. On site repairs require your ball screw to be out of the machine and will not leave your facility. We can have a two man team evaluate your ball screw repair on site and perform necessary repairs onsite.
Please note: Not all ball screws can be repaired on site. On site ball screw repair does NOT qualify for our 36 month guarantee. Please contact us for full details or to schedule an inspection.

rebuilt ball screw

Why should I repair my ball screw when I can just order a new one?
Three simple reasons. Price, downtime and warranty.
Pricing: Ordering a new replacement ball screw from the O.E.M. or authorized dealer can cost thousands of dollars. We can rebuild your existing screw & save you over 60% from replacement.
Downtime: Ordering a new ball screw can take weeks or months. Our average rebuild time is 72 hours! Emergency delivery time is 24 hours.
Warranty: All of our ball screw rebuilds are backed by the best warranty in the industry, 36 months from the installation date. New and used screws from authorized dealers come with a 60 to 90 day warranty at best, most of the time there is no warranty.

Even if a new ball screw is in stock, we can still beat their price, warranty & delivery time!

mori seiki ball screw
All rebuild companies are NOT the same.
Lots of companies offer "re-balling" of a screw, which is fine if you want it to last a few months. If you want it to last a few years (with a 36 month guarantee) then you need to do a complete rebuild with Nova Linear

1: Check the load of the nut at each end of the screw & in the center locating any trouble spots
2: Complete disassembly of the ball screw and nut, checking ball size, ball groove depth, return mechanisims, wipers & seals, etc.
3: Thread grinding the ball grooves of your screw end to end until a TIR of .0002 per linear foot is reached
4: ID grind the nut (ball grooves) to the same size & tolerance as the screw
5: Replace or repair all return mechanisims & seals
6: Precision grind & polish a new set of balls to match the newly ground ball grooves on your screw/nut
7: Assemble all parts with lapping compound and run the screw at high speed for 30 to 45 minutes
8: Disassemble screw & nut for cleaning / inspection and make adjustments as needed
9: Final assembly to original preload,complete inspection, testing & crating
If bearing surfaces or journals are damaged, we can OD grind and chrome plate back to OEM specs

The end result is a completely remanufactured ball screw that will last years instead of months. We offer a 36 month warranty because we completely remanufacture your ball screw back to original manufacturers speficications and tolerances. No other company can match our warranty or our level of service.

ball screw repair 2

Call for an instant quote over the phone.
What is the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw?
Does your ball screw have a single or double nut?
What is wrong with your ball screw? Please be specific.
When do you want it delivered?
If you call with the above information we can quote you right over the phone.

Don't let downtime cripple your company. It's faster and cheaper to rebuild your ball screw then it is to purchase a new one.
You can be down a few hours or a few days, your rebuild can last a few months or a few years. It just depends on who you call. If you call Nova Linear, you're down just a few hours and your rebuild is guaranteed three years. We're on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we run three shifts when needed. Regardless if it's bent, crashed, pitted, worn, or just needs to be replaced. We have the
manpower & experience to get the job done right in a matter of hours, not days.

Complete machine shop services with chrome plating & metalizing!
Our capabilities include machining, OD & ID grinding, centerless grinding, thread grinding, turning, milling, chrome plating, straightening, and complete manufacturing & fabrication of any parts you may need. If your journals or bearing surfaces are worn, we can precision grind & chrome plate back to size in just one day.

Bring us any quote! For a guaranteed savings of 20% or more!
We'll beat any quote, from any ball screw repair company! Whether it's for a rebuild, exchange or for a new ball screw. Bring us any quote and we'll beat it by 20% or more. Beware of rebuild companies that tell you your ball screw just can't be repaired. They're just trying to sell you a new (more expensive) screw.

Shipped by Friday, installed by Monday.
Can't afford to shut down the machine? We can work three shifts on Saturday & Sunday. Ship your ball screw to us on Friday and you'll be installing it on Monday, guaranteed!

Free local pickup & delivery within 500 miles. Free estimates.
Nationwide pickup & delivery is available.
Need a quick price? Call us with your approximate diameter and length along with what is wrong with your ball screw (backlash, noise, tolerance, etc). Need a detailed quotation? Send in your screw for a free evaluation and within a few hours you'll get a detailed quotation explaining all necessary work and a detailed parts list. If you're not satisfied with our price, we'll ship it back assembled or disassembled and we'll pay for all shipping. Local pickup & delivery is free of charge. We'll beat any price by 20% or more!

Another company said my ball screw isn't repairable.
But they can make you a new one in 6 to 8 weeks. Even if another company told you that it can't be repaired, odds are we can fully rebuild your ball screw back to OEM specifications and tolerances. Nova Linear will not only save you money but we will get your equipment back in production in a fraction of the time. All emergency services are paid in advance plus a 25 to 33% additional charge. All services over $10,000.00 to be paid via bank transfer. Other terms for such services must be made prior to repair.

Terms & conditions for new customers.
All first time or new customers are on a prepaid basis or payment in advance (check or credit card) All orders over $10,000.00 must be made via bank transfers. All emergency repairs (including any weekend work) are also allpayment in advance. Other terms must be negotiated prior to repair. Parts will not be delivered without prepayment. We do not run credit checks or use credit references or scores.
All orders over $5000.00 require 33% payment in advance prior to work being finished. If you need
to make payment in 30 days or need terms, please mention this prior to work being started.

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